Searching for What Connects Us...

Non-profit institution Pontes z. ú. has been providing support and inspiration in the area of youth volunteering, family formation, and media education for 21 years.


With our Heads, Hearts, and Hands

We perceive volunteering as something more than just working for others without the entitlement to reward. For us, it is a lifestyle that is being adopted by an increasing number of young people who want more than just to have a good time. We connect young people from numerous European countries on an international level, organize and collaborate on summer volunteering activities and, with the help of EU grants we fund the organization of the international schools and summer camps the goal of which is to promote the idea of volunteering among young people and to create an international network of young volunteers. The biggest powerhouse is the SummerJob project which has been held since 2010 and which each year brings together over 150 Czech volunteers who spend one week in a selected area of the Czech Republic where they help the locals through volunteer work.


Healthy Family – Healthy Society

For us, family is the foundation no society can do without. The aim of the Healthy Family – Healthy Society project is to contribute to a healthier and more loving family environment in which children can grow up happily by means of long-term and systematic family formation in the areas of partner relationships, child raising, responsibility towards society, etc.

The purpose is to make families more open to their surroundings, so that by overcoming life difficulties they are able to empower themselves and others. Families undergoing this formation try to be a support and an example for their surroundings and are able to provide concrete and direct help to people facing similar difficulties. 

Humans and the Media 

The Role of the Media is to Connect People 

The shared topic of all Humans and the Media conferences is the question of the well-functioning role of the media in democracy and the ethical principles applied in the media and the development of independent and modern journalism in the Czech Republic. Each conference gives its participants the opportunity to meet other journalists and academics with similar interests and offers potential ways of collaboration for similar initiatives. Our effort is to emphasize the idea that media work cannot be influenced by political and economic interests, but instead its main goal should be to create an open, free, and truly pluralistic public sphere. Inspired by this goal we are committed to organizing professional conferences making it possible to discuss various ideas contributing to the development of productive media initiatives and ethical approaches to communication from a professional viewpoint. We present new findings about the current state of the media and its impact on the formation of public opinion.