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Pope Francis has called on young people to follow in the footsteps of Francis of Assisi - hence Francis. His life story will also help us understand the true meaning of the word:


Nowadays, the term "economy" most often means money 💰, finances of various types or the management of a certain entity - for example, a state.

The original meaning of the word "ECONOMY" comes from the Greek word "οἰκονόμος", which literally translates to "HOUSE" 🏡 and "law" 📜

Francis of Assisi was searching for the meaning of the word "HOUSE" when Jesus spoke to him from the cross with the request, "Francis, repair my HOUSE, which you see falling apart.

Over time, Francis began to discover that God's HOUSE is not the churches (which he first began to repair), but every person and all of Creation 👫🌍.

Therefore, "ECONOMY" in the light of the life of Francis of Assisi means CARING for our common HOME, which includes every person and all of Creation - Nature and the Planet

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Lecture in the framework of the conference František's Economy - Economy of Tomorrow.

              15. 9. 2022.