The story of our organization

The registered institute Pon­tes (formerly a civic association) was founded with the aim of supporting and developing ethically valuable educational and upbringing activities.

The institute contributes to the establishment of a new cultural, educational, and social center in (Prague - Vinoř), which could and should serve as a hub for other similar non-profit organizations. Its ambitious program encompasses over 20 areas of operation, all stemming from its core goal: to promote and implement the ideas of unity, integrity, and brotherhood among people, regardless of age, religious beliefs, nationality, race, or social standing, particularly in the fields of education, social work, culture, and spiritual development.

Despite the broad range of activities that this institute can undertake thanks to its extensive personnel and a large circle of supporters, its focus is primarily directed towards the youth, as it considers their healthy development to be of utmost importance in its mission.